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Sunday Times bestselling author Nora Roberts returns with a brand new standalone novel - a story about the power of love to light a way through the darkness

'If you're after the perfect pick-me-up, take-me-away-from-the-world read, then she's your woman'
The Guardian

When he was nine, and his mother had her first deadly dance with cancer, Harry became a thief. Someone had to find food and pay the mortgage even if his mother was too sick to work. When his mother finally succumbs to cancer, Harry leaves Chicago but somehow he can't quite leave all of his past behind.

Harry lives a quiet, careful, rootless life - he can't afford to attract attention or get attached - until he meets Miranda. But just when Harry thinks he has a chance at happiness his old life comes back to haunt him. Harry has had dealings with some bad people in his past but none more dangerous than Carter LaPorte and Harry is forced to run. But no matter what name he uses or where he goes, Harry cannot escape. If he is ever going to feel safe Harry must face down his enemy once and for all.

Only then can he hope to possess something more valuable than anything he has ever stolen.

24 May
Little, Brown Book Group

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Wooleejumpa ,

Gripping. Addictive reading. An absolute page turner.

Out of necessity, nine year old Harry Booth learns to rob and steal to support his mother who can no longer work, by the age of eighteen Booth has become an expert thief and con artist. After the death of his mother, Harry leaves his hometown of Chicago, drives through North Carolina to South Carolina, adopting a new identity whenever he stops, staying for a time in Texas to continue his studies, while breaking into luxury houses at night.

The ruthless Carter LaPorte employs Booth's expertise to steel a particular treasure for him and from then on demands he acquire whatever LaPorte desires. Escaping LaPorte's web of violence, Harry moves to New Orleans taking on yet another identity, he settles, makes friends and falls in love. But his old enemy, Carter LaPorte, tracks him down and Harry is forced to leave abruptly to protect those he loves. On to Europe, followed by South America, the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, never staying anywhere too long, always keeping one step ahead of LaPorte.

Travelling the world Harry has become a wealthy international jewel and art thief. His skill at disguises, ability to speak numerous languages and his constant name changes ensures some safety but LaPorte is determined to find him.

Ten years after leaving the US, Harry Booth returns and, intending to stay for a couple of years, takes the post of a school teacher in Virginia. When LaPorte once again finds him Harry decides it's time to fight back and plans the most complicated heist of his life. He has to succeed to free himself from the constant danger from LaPorte.

For me, Nightwork by Nora Roberts was compulsive reading.

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