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Afraid she'll lose her values in big bad Chicago Sabrina's parents got her a nice apartment in a good part of town. Too bad the apartment looks into a high class call girl's place a business. Every night Sabrina watches Marion work over her clients, touching herself while the other woman pulls out one trick after another. Every night a new kink, a new twist. How long before she can't resist join in on the fun?


Thinking about the first night made her hands stray lower down her belly and long her thighs. Her summer dress was thin but anticipation made it feel like a straight jacket. Running her hands under the short hem Sabrina moved them up her inner thighs to the heat at the center of her thoughts. Her thin lace panties were soaked with excitement and she couldn’t help but rub herself through them.

Just rubbing it a little couldn’t hurt, could it? Just enough to get herself ready?

Sabrina was able to see straight into her neighbor’s apartment. The blinds on the other apartment’s big window’s were thrown open on the black side of the apartment.

What she saw at first seemed normal enough. There was a woman, maybe just a few years older than her own eighteen years, she had thick dark hair and soft womanly body. The woman’s black dress fit her perfectly, hugging every generous curve and plunging into her cleavage. Her breasts looked full and rip and the expression on her face said she knew you were looking.

Later Sabrina would find out that her name was Marion.

Fiction & Literature
February 17
Velvet Gray

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