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Ode to Uke by Arthur Ravenscrag III, Paul Andrews (Illustrator).

Ode to Uke is love story like no other. A clever and humorous dedication to the ukulele, you’ll laugh as you strum along. Including illustrations, songs to learn, videos and audio, Ode to Uke takes a look at the ukulele in a way you’ve never seen it before. Chapters devoted to metal, country, old Hollywood, Hawaii and the heroes of the ukulele, this little instrument will steal your heart.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or you’ve just been given your first ukulele, Ode to Uke is for everyone.

Arts & Entertainment
August 8
Beard & Pipe Publishing

Customer Reviews

Hanando19 ,

Part song book, part history lesson- fully entertaining!

It s not often you stumble across this sort of book. This book takes the reader through the history of the ukulele, through songs ( complete with chords/ instructional vids/ audio clips so you can play your way through the story), key uke-players and art. The illustrations are beautiful and quirky and totally fit the tone of the book. The writing is hilarious and engaging. Loved it!

ljkhljkhljkhljkh ,

Loved this book

Quirky, charming and very funny. Different to your run of the mill music books and all the better for it. I thought it was a great read and I've found it a great way to learn the ukulele. I'd never heard a lot of the songs before but there are some little known gems in here which grow on you in a big way so I'd also recommend it to more seasoned ukulele players.

Yolk boy ,

Great uke fun

The ode to uke is a well thought out, often hilarious, excellently illustrated mini-book. The video and songs make it a fun and enlightening multimedia experience. The author is obviously well studied in the history of the uke, but rather than a mundane, studious narrative, he opts for a more jovial approach.
That isn't to say the information isn't both informed and interesting, but it's presented in a way which does justice to the very essence of the Ukelele. This book is as beautiful to look at and fun to play with as the great instrument itself.
Whilst the term 'novelty' might be tagged to this book, there's certainly more to these pages than disposable nonsense. If you are a lighthearted fan of the uke, or simply want to be versed in its oft-bizarre history, I highly recommend this book.
Did I mention I belly-laughed several times at the hands of the sharpened wit of the author - worth the price tag alone.