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Sophocles’ play Oedipus the King is probably the best known of all Greek tragedies. Its lead character has come to Thebes and taken over the throne after the death of Laius, the previous ruler. Little does he realise that Laius was actually his own father and that he is now married to his own mother. Themes of blindness and vision dominate the play as the hero embarks on a ruinous voyage of self-discovery. This translation by Julian Morgan aims to make the play accessible to a modern audience and was created with performance in mind.

This book features not only the new translation but also a set of sound files showing how names are pronounced and another set giving commentary notes on the play, characters, plot and various literary effects. There is a glossary of names of places and people, which also features explanations of some of the main aspects of Greek theatre.

This work will suit anyone wanting to enjoy a new, carefully crafted translation of this masterpiece, whilst also aiming to serve those who want to dig a little deeper. If you are looking to create a performance of the play, it should help inspire you with some ideas.

Julian Morgan is the author of many educational software titles and books. He has had many years of experience as Head of Classics and has also taught Theatre Studies and Philosophy at the European School in Karlsruhe, Germany. His publications include the whole range of books and Apps in the Imperium Latin course (J-PROGS), Nero, Hadrian, Constantine, Cleopatra (Rosen Central Publishing 2003) and the Horace Trail (Oxford University Press 2002). His software titles include Rome the Eternal City, Pompeii and Roman Technology (J-PROGS).

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June 25

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