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In On the Fringes: Preventing exclusion in schools through inclusive, child-centred, needs-based practice, Jackie Ward opens up the debate surrounding school exclusion and its link to special educational needs (SEN), and shares action-oriented strategies designed to bring about a more inclusive approach.

Too many of our vulnerable young people are being excluded – even those with SEN and the very young who are only just on the cusp of school life. And having seen first-hand the impact that exclusion has on children with often unmet medical needs – such as autistic spectrum condition (ASC) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – Jackie explores in this book the realities of what exclusion means to each of us and its impact on wider society.

Jackie examines this critical issue through the lens of her experiences in both mainstream and specialist settings and presents practical, solution-focused guidance to help schools deliver the inclusive education that every child deserves. Drawing upon a range of sources, Jackie’s wide-reaching analysis is backed up with case studies, up-to-date research and anecdotal reports – setting out a balanced view focusing on the stated and underlying needs of schools, staff, parents, children and other agencies.

On the Fringes scrutinises exclusion procedures and reviews the SEND Code of Practice in depth, particularly highlighting the role of early interventions in detecting underlying SEN and medical needs. Jackie also explores a range of pre-emptive and alternative approaches that can be employed as part of a whole-school approach to pastoral care and behaviour management that develops pupils’ self-awareness and self-regulation.

In doing so she offers informed inspiration to teachers and SEN practitioners working with some of our most vulnerable children – who, without our care, compassion and tailored provision, are too often destined for lives on the fringes of society.

Suitable for teachers, school leaders, SEN professionals, policy-makers and parents.

Chapters include: Chapter 1 – Exclusion facts and figures; Chapter 2 – The legalities of exclusion; Chapter 3 – The school’s view: inclusion versus exclusion; Chapter 4 – A view from the PRU: after the exclusion; Chapter 5 – The child: ‘that kid’; Chapter 6 – The parents’ view; Chapter 7 – Behaviour or complex need?; Chapter 8 – Spotting the signs of underlying needs; Chapter 9 – Addressing mental health and wellbeing; Chapter 10 – Holistic approaches.

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March 29
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