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Trinidad Orisha: Spirit, Color, and Drums

Orisha is a colorful and misunderstood religion practiced in Trinidad and Tobago with ties to the Yorba culture of Nigeria. A spiritual tradition with celebrations of food, drums, dance, and prayer, Orisha has millions of followers in the world.

Orishas of Trinidad, by Monique Joiner Siedlak, explores this African-routed tradition starting with a look at the roots of this vibrant and colorful tradition and how it evolved to where it is today. This fascinating book covers topics such as the past persecution of Orisha followers, the religion's deities, practices, ceremonies, and ties to aspects of the Catholic Church.

Monique brings light to the fact that there are those who, in their ignorance, still demonize this religion. The truth is, there is nothing demonic about Orisha. While it is a non-Christian religion, it shares the ideas of baptism and one supreme God — Oludumare.

Readers will love reading about the Orisha spirits, equated with Christian saints, and seen as messengers between man and Oludumare's divine Kingdom. For example, Osain, the Yoruba god of herbal medicine, healing, and prophecy associated with  St Francis, and Shakpana, a healer of children's diseases related to St Jerome. Then there is Ogun, the warrior god of iron and steel, associated with St Michael.

Order your copy of Orishas of Trinidad by Monique Joiner Siedlak today, and introduce yourself to a rich and fascinating African-rooted tradition called Orisha. You will enjoy reading about this extraordinary tradition.

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