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Ever since he was a child, Antonio J. Webb, M.D had to find it in himself to overcome what promised to be a very desolate future. Growing up in the heart of Shreveport, Louisiana, he was constantly surrounded by influences of the very worst sort including gangs, violence and drugs.

From a younger brother who served juvenile life for armed robbery to a mother whose addiction to crack cocaine landed her in jail multiple times, Antonio’s family was split in half between members in and out of prison. Not only that, but several of his close friends were killed and others began serving 10+ years in prison for crimes they committed as teenagers.

The statistics for Antonio were grim. Chances were that he’d end up like most of his friends and family. But then, to the surprise of all, he graduated high school with honors, and a whole new world of opportunity lit up before him.

Based on his own life story, Overcoming the Odds, details the miraculous account of a boy who became more than anyone ever thought possible. From joining the military as a teen to serving eight years in the US Air Force; from the war on the streets of Louisiana to the war on terrorism in Iraq, the book realistically portrays the heartache and desperate challenges it took to rise above his austere beginnings.

More importantly, it echoes his personal belief that there is an incredible, undeniable strength in every person to overcome the odds.

Fiction & Literature
November 18
Dr. Antonio J. Webb