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For people living in the nine-to-five world of dayjobs and family values and Starbucks coffee, there is no magic and there are no threats to body, mind, and soul waiting just around the corner to engulf the unwary. However, for the members of the secret Malleus Librum Society, these threats are all too real. They have taken upon themselves the mission to keep the world safe from this knowledge by removing all the eldritch tomes of lore from public access.

Parnik "Venkat" Venkateswaran and her partner Marquis Trial are back together again, and this time they have found an incident in their own backyard. A bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts has come into possession of a strange, locked trunk that radiates dark magic and eeriness. This thing seems somehow tied to the Malleus Librum Society's nemesis, the mysterious loosely affiliated group known as the Shadowshow.

As they explore opening the trunk and plumbing its secrets, the pair discover links to Venkat's previous task in Lousiana as well as the hidden life of a recently deceased Bostonian . . . Can they unlock the mysteries and reveal the secrets before the Shadowshow claims its next victims. And will Venkat succumb to the Shadowshow's seductive call and turn her backs on the Malleus Librum Society forever? The answers await in this cross-country adventure, which takes our beloved bookworms from cold Massachusetts to hot as hell Texas.

The Bookworm Brigade details the adventures of the Malleus Libram Society's newest Field Page. Although readers will find plenty of links between books, they are each written as standalone adventures.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 28
Twice Told Tales II

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