Pandora's Box Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box

A Survival Guide in the Coming Age of Viruses

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    • £5.99

Publisher Description

This book is about the coronavirus and the pandemic it spawned, and what this outbreak means for future pandemics. It analyses the official response and sees where improvements can be made, for example, the World Health Organization waited till March to designate the coronavirus a pandemic and a full year before confirming its airborne transmission. The book looks at the specific nature of the virus, its origins and how it was transmitted, why it was so deadly to predisposed individuals, how it compares to previous pandemics, what measures were taken mitigate the disease and how to protect ourselves against it in future. The book also looks into the wider implications of the pandemic and its causes, for example, how climate change and biodiversity are coming into direct conflict with ever expanding needs of population growth and urban sprawl has conspired to bring us into ever closer contact with these viruses, for example, Nipah virus outbreak from the deforestation of the Indonesian Rain Forest, and Ebola from settlement expansion in the Congo. Lastly the book looks at the wider nature of viruses and their historical significance to the tree-of-life of the planet, and their relationship to our evolution. This book is a timely search into the nature of viruses and how they will affect us going forward, and what measures we can take to protect ourselves and mitigate the dangers from future outbreaks by integrating our industrial society into an ecological friendly setting, thereby accommodating these viruses.

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