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Do you believe in Aliens? Are we alone in the Universe?

David Knight —author of 8 ‘self-help/transformation’ books— has channelled spirit guides and entities for over 25 years. As a guest speaker, he has also shared his enlightened experiences to promote 'oneness' and self-realization at various Mind, Body, and Spirit engagements in the UK. Let him show you truth of Alien worlds and ‘life’ beyond your imagination.

Learn that his communications with NBE’s (Non-Biological Entities) will unmask the mysteries regarding Aliens, their visitations upon the Earth, and their true purpose within the Universe.

In this book you will discover:

•The hidden, overlooked, and buried history of mankind.
•Despite Government (MIB) cover ups – there’s no need to fear abduction.
•How to bear witness to forms of extra-terrestrial life without the need for telescopes or ‘science’.
•The origin of the ‘Greys’ … exactly who and what they are, the technologies they use, and why truly compelling photographic evidence of the phenomena known as UFO’s will never be taken.
•Why you will turn from being a sceptic to a true believer.
•Through the Divine source of energy that flows throughout Creation (our God ‘connection’) you should never feel alone or lonely ever again.

If you enjoyed Arrival, then Pathway: The Channelled Love and Wisdom from the Trans-leátions of the Two Sisters Star Group is the proof you need. Allow it to help you decide whether they are benevolent guardian Angels —who love, protect, and guide humanity— or if they will eventually reign fire like the Hollywood blockbuster, Independence Day.

End the speculation that we are NOT alone and download PATHWAY today!

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December 9
David Knight

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