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1170. On a dark December evening in the candlelit cloisters of Canterbury Cathedral, Archbishop Thomas Beckett is hacked to pieces by four murderous knights. As the monks flee, one young novice standshis ground as witness to the bloody events. His name is Edward and what he sees will haunt him for the rest of his life. Some twenty years later, as a healer who has renounced monastic life, Edward becomes physician to the Lionheart –the legendary King Richard of England –and embarks with him on Crusade for the Holy Land. Yet waiting are three of the surviving killers of Beckett, knights excommunicated and banished by a remorseful King Henry II, father of Richard. These rogue knights 

have not forgotten or forgiven. What they now seek is revenge on the royal house of Plantagenet. What they seek is blood, the death of Richard the Lionheart. The physician Edward too remembers the past. It is left to him to thwart the threat and save the life of his king.

Fiction & Literature
February 12
James Jackson

Customer Reviews

Grahamat ,

Poor ending

I consider myself a fan of James Jackson primarily because his books are complete and each book can stand alone.
In Penance, however, the ending is a great disappointment as it simply ends part way through the story and leaves far too many situations unresolved.
If it is simply the first book in series then at least give the reader some indication of this!

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