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Don, the capital of the beautiful country of Sarn is besieged by the armies of Lefton and Tol Nalan and the icy winds that are blowing down from the north.

Preland is in the grip of the worst winter anyone can remember in hundreds of years, and from beyond the Red Mountains, a wagon train arrives, sent by the king of Wone. The people of the north are freezing to death and running of out of food. They need help, help that only the dragons can provide. But it will take hundreds of them; Mistry must send to Angyn for help.

And beyond the storms, the vile True Path are allying with Categan. When the winter is over, they will head south intent on wiping out the dragons and building their new empire.

Not for the first time, Silvi finds herself at the front, being compared to her great father, General Johnson Farthing. But can this young woman lead an army? Can she defeat this terrible foe?

People of Dirt is the dramatic finale of Dirt, series two.

“I know, Silvi,” the vast creature said with a sigh, his rich voice sounding forlorn. “But it is getting dangerous, girl, and we must do something. All these dragons here helped with the food; none of us want to see that go to pot because some little bloke with a sword wants to take it all away again. Besides, we have interests up here now.”
“Interests? Since when do dragons have interests?” Be-Elin snapped. She narrowed her eyes. “You mean your bloody brewery, don’t you?”
“Might do.”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
19 January
CC Hogan

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