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It starts like any other Monday for Ty Christianson. Fifty laps in his pool, a suave suit, a chat with his mum on the way to his office, dodging countless calls from women, and his faithful yet cynical assistant waiting for him with a coffee. Then a meeting with his business partner and life-long friend, Sal, upends everything. Sal’s hired a new assistant without so much as consulting Ty. That’s a cardinal sin in their world, but it’s the least of Ty’s worries. Sal hasn’t just hired a new personal assistant, he’s hired an absolute goddess. And she’s off limits to Ty.


Lainey Summer drives Ty crazy with her savage beauty, her effortless sexiness, and her unfathomable veneer. She plays her cards way too close to her chest, and doesn’t that just make her more enticing? 

Unlucky for Lainey, Ty’s notoriously irresistible. 

Unlucky for Ty, Lainey can resist him.


Or . . . can she?


As Ty sets on a mission to break Lainey, an intended conquest becomes a fixation. 

And in the process, he’s thrown into perfect chaos.

18 February
Jodi Ellen Malpas

Customer Reviews

CROWL93! ,

Loved this!

Full of twists and turns, the ones you think are obvious are the exact opposite. Funny and heart warming. Love it!

Dreambean79 ,

Perfect Chaos

Not my favourite by Malpas as I prefer the story to have a dual perspective. Still, it was well written and not a bad read.

Nicole.W96 ,


Jodi truly knows how to captivate her audience from the outset. Taking us on a rollercoaster of emotions with twists and turns at every possible corner. JEM is my favourite author and reading any of her books will help you see why! Her words are captivating not allowing you to stop the story until you read “The End”. I adore Ty and Laineys perfect chaos! X

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