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When one man's death exposes a complex web of lies, three couples discover the true meaning of love, loss and redemption. 


What do you do when you find out your whole life was a lie? That your husband really wasn't your husband but someone else's. That the vows you made to each other were simply empty promises.

You pick up and move to the country to start fresh. When life hands you limes, you make sure you have tequila because your life is about to get stirred up.


Married to my high school sweetheart, the best thing she gave me was my baby girl. But we weren't enough for her. I wasn't enough for her. The last thing I expected on my birthday was a Dear John letter, but that's what I got when she upped and left. Now, it's just me and my girl against the world till the new girl moves in next door.

Is there such a thing as a perfect love story?

May 1
Natasha Madison

Customer Reviews

Danny Jeffs ,

Beautiful Read

I really enjoyed this book. It packed a real emotional punch right from the start and you just know that you're in for one heck of a ride from there on in. For me, this was a really beautiful romance and one that just gives you all the feels when reading.

Hailey and Jensen were great characters that clearly had chemistry but I really enjoyed the slow build up of their relationship and it's been a while since I was so desperately routing for a couple's HEA. For me, I actually could have done with a little more from this couple as I just felt that there was room for a little bit more about them. Albeit, I loved the epilogues.

While this is an emotional read, the secondary characters were great all round in this story and provided much light relief. This really was a beautiful story of heartbreak, healing and second chances and I highly recommend this book. I can't wait for the next book from this series.

I was provided with a copy of this book from the Publisher; there was no inducement or obligation and I have opted to leave a review.

Lallyloo09 ,

The Perfect Love Story

Perfect Love Story is book 1 in the Love series, and follows the story of Hailey and Jensen.

Hailey’s heart is broken when the unthinkable happens, but when she finds out her life has been a lie, her world is turned upside down. Struggling to overcome her grief and anger, she makes the decision to move away and start a fresh.

Jensen lost not only his wife, but his best friend that fateful day 4 years ago, and now he works hard to give his daughter the life she deserves full of love and family. But will he let down his walls to allow himself to find that love and happiness too?

What happens when two peoples worlds collide when they least expect it? Will they fight against the pull, too scared to let their guards down? Or will they take down their walls and let the other person in, giving them hope that they can still find their Perfect Love Story?

Haileys Story is heartbreaking, I cried my eyes out for the pain she experienced just like i was there comforting her. Just when I thought I had this story pegged, Natasha brings in a HUGE twist that kept me hooked throughout the rest of the book!

The banter between all the characters had me chuckling on many occasions, and the way Nanny and Delores meddled in Hailey and Jensen’s budding relationship warmed my heart!

I would have liked to have seen a bit more from Nanny Norma, even though I hated her!!! I felt like she had more to say and I was expecting her to create a lot more drama!

A lovely, easy, enjoyable read, and I’m looking forward to reading Gabe and Crystals story! X

Slp1981 ,

From heartbreak to happiness, a Perfect Love Story

Well the Queen of all the feels has done it again, what’s that sound? Oh just my heart shattering into a million pieces and my sobs as I go through every possible emotion throughout this beautiful love story!

Every single story Ms Madison just keeps getting better and better, and with this one she once again blew me away! This story has everything, heartbreak, ugly crying (that’s just me) laughter brought through the side characters, a strong woman overcoming something so horrific, it would break most of us and a single Dad, who comes across as an a-hole in the beginning, but is really just him guarding his heart. You couldn’t ask for more!

The story begins as our Heroine, Hailey, gets a call that we all dread when our loved ones leave the house, her husband has been killed in an accident, but as events unfold, it turns out that’s not the worst thing to happen that day, as she gets the news that her life with Eric was all a lie.
Jensen, our hero, is blissfully in love, married to his high school sweetheart and has just had a beautiful baby girl with her. To round off their happiness, Jensen has built his wife her dream home for her Birthday. He goes home to meet her, only to find she’s left him and their daughter and run off with his best friend, which leaves Jensen angry, bitter and alone.

Hailey and her best friend/cousin decide to embark on an adventure across the country to a beautiful beach house which they have only seen pictures of, to start fresh. When they get there though, things are not as they seem and when Hailey meets the owner, Jensen, sparks and insults fly as he wants her out.

Hailey is by far, my favourite of Natasha’s heroines so far, she’s so strong after what she’s been through, but instead of giving up, she pulls up hers socks, packs up her life and moves on.

Jensen, I didn’t Love immediately, I liked him, and he’s a great Dad, but the way he treated Hailey in the beginning made me have violent feelings towards him! Then, there is a scene on the beach where he explains to Hailey why he’s been acting the way he has, and the things he says made me love him, not just him, but love him for Hailey too.

I’m still in the biggest book funk that this story is over, but I now can’t wait for book 2, which thankfully is only a month away.

A million (but they only let me give 5) heartbreak to happiness stars

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