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The Things We Buy
“Wasting” of Money
Learning Financial Management
Making a Budget and Sticking to It
Keeping an Accounts Diary
Thinking of health insurance?
Making Your First Million!
The Credit Card Addiction
Saving for the Silver Years
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This book is not restricted only for millennials – the people belonging to the 18 to 35 age group – who are worried about their money and finances and how to keep within a budget? It is for all of us out there who suddenly begin to wonder the best ways in which we can save enough money for a secure old age and retirement. Careers, relationships, professional standing in society, and personal life is all of course a part of your lifestyle, be you in the generation Z age group, or a baby boomer or a generation Y adult – knowing more about proper financial budgeting and financial goals is definitely important for all of us, who have some money in our hands, in which we need it to grow.

This book is going to tell you something of finances based on experience and real-life stories, but the idea is there is money out there just waiting for you.

I remember as a child my father talking about his parents and their ideas of finances – he knew the value of money, every single red cent coming into the house, and which needed to go into the care of grandpa’s wife, six children, elderly parents, and a number of relatives, including cousins, nephews and nieces because, in keeping with the culture of the times, joint families were the rule and not the exception, and nuclear families had not been thought up.

The men of the family worked hard throughout the day and earned enough money to feed their children either on daily wages, monthly salaries or what they paid themselves in their own businesses. The women managed the best way of making sure that everyone was well fed, well clothed and the family never got into debt.

Business & Personal Finance
November 26
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