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Start a new cozy series that will make  you laugh out loud.

Georgie Kaye lives every day as if it were a gift, because to her it is. She beat cancer, against all predictions, and is following her life's dream to draw portraits of the fur babies of the world. Along the way, with her twin sister Aleta and detective ex-husband Stan, Georgie runs into crazy customers, pets of all kinds, and murders to solve.

Pet Portraits is a humorous, clean cozy series with no violence of foul language. Relax and escape with the cozy series today.

This box set contains books 1-3

1.Murder in the Art Gallery

2.Murder on the Great Lake

3.Murder on the Movie Set

Book 1: Murder in the Art Gallery

When Georgie and her twin sister Aleta arrive at an art gallery that wants to show Georgie's work, they schmooze with donors, charm the artists, and overindulge at the sweets table.

Everything is working perfectly in their favor, until an owner of the gallery is killed.

Georgie must help solve the mystery before the opportunity to have her first art show disappears.

Working with Aleta and her detective ex-husband Stan, Georgie sleuths her way to the answers, running into unexpected twists along the way.

Book 2: Murder on the Great Lake

When Georgie Kaye chases down a customer to get paid for one of her custom pet portraits, the client stalls but invites her on a fancy dinner cruise on Lake Michigan to make up for his delayed payment. Georgie invites Aleta and together they set sail with a cast of characters straight out of a fitness magazine.

In between meeting new clients and hunting for desserts on board the ship, Georgie is shocked when one of the cruise passengers ends up dead.

Georgie is determined to solve the mystery so she can get paid, and she jumps into the community of fitness fanatics, her sister's new devotion to healthy living, and the surprising underworld of gym owners.

With her detective ex-husband Stan at her side, Georgie goes undercover to solve the murder. Will she be able to find the killer before he escapes and takes one of Georgie's biggest paychecks yet with him?

Book 3: Murder on the Movie Set

A stroke of luck introduces Georgie to her favorite actor, and then thrusts her into a mystery she can't resist investigating.

Georgie Kaye is waiting for a pet portrait client when she wins a day pass for a behind-the-scenes visit to a movie starring her and her twin sister, Aleta's, favorite actor, Dustin Stetson.

Once on set, the feisty sexagenarian twins are enthralled watching a movie being made, delighting in the thrill of celebrity and the delectable sweets catered on set. The movie-like dream crashes back to reality when the producer collapses and dies on set, apparently of a heart-attack.

Georgie can't resist following her suspicions of foul play, and uses some fancy footwork to get herself and Aleta invited back for another day on the movie set. This time, Dustin Stetson takes a special interest in Aleta (and her fascinating feet), giving

Georgie time to follow her hunches about why a rich movie producer ate a healthy meal and then keeled over dead.

Along with her detective ex-husband Stan, Georgie works to solve a mystery she is convinced is murder. Will they get the happy ending just like in the movies?

Crime & Thrillers
April 16
Gratice Press

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