Peter 2.0 Peter 2.0

Peter 2.0

The Human Cyborg

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Publisher Description

The incredible book behind the primetime Channel 4 documentary, Peter: The Human Cyborg

'A remarkable account of what it means to be human and what technology can really achieve' Sunday Telegraph

'Peter's story is one of the most extraordinary you will ever hear. I urge people to read it' Stephen Fry

'A remarkable story . . . you're left desperate to take nothing for granted' Radio Times

Peter, a brilliant scientist, is told that he will lose everything he loves.

His husband. His family. His friends. His ability to travel the world. All will be gone.

But Peter will not give up. He vows that this will not be the end and instead seeks a completely new beginning . . .

Peter has Motor Neurone Disease, a condition universally considered by doctors to be terminal. He is told it will destroy his nerve cells and that within about two years, it will take his life too.

But, face-to-face with death, he decides there is another way. Using his background in science and technology, he navigates a new path, one that will enable him not just to survive, but to thrive.

This is the astonishing true story about Peter Scott-Morgan: the first person to combine his very humanity with artificial intelligence and robotics to become a full Cyborg. His discovery means that his terminal diagnosis is negotiable, something that will rewrite the future.

And change the world.

By embracing love, life and hope rather than fear, tragedy and despair, he will become Peter 2.0.

'Compelling . . . Scott-Morgan is a true one-off. It is in the telling of the love story, rather than the technical details of becoming a cyborg, that this book succeeds' The Times

'What's striking is Peter's constant optimism, bravery and his ability to find radical answers to problems that have confounded Britain's brightest minds' Daily Telegraph

'A soaring love story' Financial Times

'Fascinating and extremely moving' Sun

1 April
Penguin Books Ltd

Customer Reviews

hylights ,

thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover

What a tenacious, gifted and brave man who would not give up on life

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