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Would you trust a complete stranger?

After Chloe and her daughter Freya are rescued from disaster by a man who seems too good to be true, Chloe decides she must find him again to thank him. But instead of meeting her knight in shining armour, she comes across a woman called Nadine Caspian who warns her to stay well away from him. The man is dangerous, Nadine claims, and a compulsive liar. Alarmed, Chloe asks her what she means, but Nadine will say no more.

Chloe knows that the sensible choice would be to walk away - after all, she doesn't know anything about this man. But she is too curious. What could Nadine have meant? And can Chloe find out the truth without putting herself and her daughter in danger?

Crime & Thrillers
February 5
Hodder & Stoughton

Customer Reviews

Punran ,


The first chapter was really good a funny scene introducing some good characters. The rest just felt off
It was supposed to be a thriller and while bits of it were well written it came of most of the time more like a comedy
Not that I dislike comedy's but the blurb seemed to suggest a deep thriller which frankly wasn't there.
The characters as well after a good first chapter proved to be not very deep at all more cliches
Quirky world wise best mate
Over enthusiastic daughter etc
I did agree with the characters saying their relationship was moving too fast. It was. Even without a thriller setting such progression chance meeting to marriage in a few dates is unrealistic. On the whole disappointing with a deceptive good opening chapter
Won't read again

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