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When the world goes to hell in a zombie handbasket, you find out that true evil hides among the living! 

"Michonne of The Walking Dead and Selina from 28 Days Later have a new heroine to welcome to the club in Catherine"- Horror, Sci-Fi, & More!It's 2019, the wall is built. The president is missing and an unknown virus has quickly taken over the world. People are dying but like an 80s b-rated horror movie, they won't stay dead for long. This is the world Catherine Briggs calls home. A loyal and mouthy Mama bear, Catherine was ripped from her family by her new worst foe, the apocalypse! The Army prepared her for the enemy. Law school prepared her for liars. But nothing prepared her for the evil behind the apocalypse's mask...Survivors. From a clueless socroity girl, who brings hell with her in the dead of night, to a backwoods cirus of clowns who want to have Catherine and countless others for dinner. Planet Dead has every bit of nightmare fuel to keep you up for days. Can a modern day wonder woman survive long enough to be reunited with her family or is hope the only thing that stays dead in the Apocalypse? Find out in the first installment in the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Horror Series Planet Dead!


This series contains:Bad languageStomach wrenching goreAnd a lot of zombie killsIt's not for everyone, tell your Mama that! 

If You Love Z Nation, Night of The Comet, and Slow Burn, Then You'll Love This Book! 

Book One In The Planet Dead SeriesPlanet Dead 2Available in eBook & Paperback

Young Adult
January 29
Storyteller Media

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