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Moonrise Key. Playground of the rich and famous.

As a security expert, Jack Landry has risked his life and faced dangerous missions around the world. His current assignment has him infiltrating an inner circle of billionaires and power players on a tropical island in the Florida Keys—The Gentleman's Club.

However, he never counted on getting involved with Cassandra, the daughter of the shipping magnate he's tailing. Now, against his better judgment, he's falling under her spell and telling her about his secret mission. He knows he's breaking every rule he swore to uphold, but Cassandra's headstrong innocence tempts him beyond reason. When his mission gets even more dangerous, Jack has to make a choice between his duty and a desire he doesn't know how to resist.

After Cassandra Monahan agrees to a fake relationship with Jack, she tells herself she's only doing it for a chance to finally get away from her controlling father. Deep down, though, she knows that suppressing her attraction to the sexy, dangerous security expert is futile. When Jack shows up beaten and bloody at her penthouse, Cassandra demands the truth. When she discovers her billionaire father is responsible, she's furious and devastated. As more secrets come out, she realizes that everything about her life is a lie.

Now she's caught between family honor and the man who has sworn to bring her father down. Eventually the father she loves and the only man she's ever cared for will have to face each other, and Cassandra has no idea who will make it out alive.       

The Gentleman's Club Series

Book 1 – Gambler

Book 2 – Player

Book 3 – Wager

27 March
Wanita May

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