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Younger by too many years, much too good looking for his own good, not to mention her best friend's son... no, Nina knew better than to be attracted to Simon.

Yes, he stole a kiss once, but that was what younger, horny men do. They looked and touched and waited for anyone to say Yes. Well, she said No and as long as she kept her distance, nothing would happen. As long as he didn't get her alone again...


Nina hung on to his broad shoulder and let his mouth take what she had to offer. Her whole body felt warm and loose, she did not resist when he wrapped her closer to him, his tongue deep inside her mouth. Her brains still mushy from orgasm, Nina was lulled by the slow heavy caress of his tongue inside her, his warm breaths on her flushed cheeks — only to start and struggle in vain when she felt her back hit the mattress, his chest weighing her down to her bed.

"Simon, wait..." she gasped when he pushed her wrists down to the cool surface of the sheet. Hot lips were hungry on hers, masculine frame flexing eagerly on top of her.

She turned her head, unable to bear more of his kisses, biting her lip as she felt his hardness against her soft, wet mound, rubbing lustfully. "Simon, we can't... please — "

"Just once," he breathed, capturing her mouth under another kiss, nibbling feverishly as he struggled to keep from biting her. "No one has to know..."

Nina moaned when a hand stole inside her bra yet again, caressing and coaxing her, her legs spread open wider as he pressed closer, his other hand fumbling with his zipper.

"Just once," he told her hurriedly, his hands quickly pushing her skirt way up her waist. "I promise. Let me be inside you..."

Fiction & Literature
March 6
Dark December LCC

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