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Jimmy Diamond and his wife, Collier, have been living together for almost three years and have been married for two. Everything is going great for them.

And, while it is true the sex isn’t quite as white-hot between them as it was when they first started dating, back in college a couple of years ago, it’s certainly not awful by any means. And then one day, while having lunch with her old high school friend and college roommate, Darla Long, she hears about the erotic, exciting, taboo-sounding new game that Darla and her husband, Andy have been playing for the last few months, called Wife Watching.

When sexy Darla tells Collier about the one-hundred percent increase in the hotness level of the sex in her marriage as a benefit of their naughty experimentation, Collier is intrigued. Her gorgeous Jimmy is so much hipper and cooler that stodgy Andy Long that she just knows The Game would be even hotter for the two of them than it is for the Longs--if she can convince Jimmy, who is sort of jealous and possessive of her--to give it a try.

A trial run at playing The Game results in a night of blisteringly-hot sex between Jimmy and her when they get back to their apartment after he has spent an evening watching Collier dance with, tease, and tantalize other men. The Diamonds quickly realize that they are now hooked on this risque new form of fun. What they don’t know yet, is how much more exciting it is to play The Game when the wife goes just a little farther each time, moving from dancing and teasing to kissing, and then gradually to naughty touching, and…beyond.

How far with Jimmy and Collier go with this new obsession of theirs? Will their marriage survive their ever-increasing love of pushing The Game’s boundaries just a little farther each time they play it?

Fiction & Literature
November 13
C.K. Ralston

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