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Buck and Flynn never expected the half-frozen runaway they rescued to be a sexy, horny virgin! But after a little wine and the sight of their rugged aroused bodies, she'll do anything they want...even if it means getting double-pounded bareback and without the slightest bit of protection! Tag-teaming has never been like this before, and innocent Petra will never be the same again!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Petra blinked snow out of her eyes, then blinked again. Buck was over six feet tall, black as coal, and muscular enough to bench-press a truck. He could probably snap her in half without breaking a sweat.

She wouldn't have anyway, but... "I won't give you any trouble," she assured him, and shook her head so vigorously that snow flew in a wide pattern around her.

"Good." He turned back around to escort her upstairs, then did a double-take of his own. She wasn't a dog at all. In fact, she was the cutest little thing he'd seen in a long time! Big eyes the color of melted chocolate stared up at him from an oval face that was pale from the cold, but absolutely gorgeous. Her nose was fine and straight, and her mouth was lush and full.

Despite his stern order to go back to sleep, his long shaft began to stir with interest.

In the earbud, Flynn whistled appreciatively. "Man, she's hot!" he crowed. "I'd love to get me a piece of that! Bring her up here, man! Let's see if her body's as sexy as her face!"

It was impossible to tell under that shapeless coat, but he had a sneaking suspicion it was. A girl who looked like that would work hard to keep her body in top shape.

His rigid shaft began to swell even more.


Flynn flashed her a broad white-toothed smile. "So you're a dancer, huh? What kind of dance? Classical? Tap?"

"A little of everything," she admitted with a pretty blush. "My dream's always been to dance on Broadway."

"Broadway!" That made them both eye her with new respect. "Show us some of your steps!"

She quickly shook her head, but Buck added his entreaty, and even got up to set their wine glasses on the counter and push the table aside. "Please? We'd really like to see you dance."

It took several minutes and a lot of persuasion, but finally the wine numbed her inhibitions enough that she rose unsteadily and moved into the middle of the room. "I don't think I can do any tap routines," she confessed, blushing again. "My head's spinning. But I just learned how to do the hula."

"Do that, then." Flynn moved his chair to a new spot behind the table, and stretched out his long legs. "I've never seen anyone do it in real life."

The moment she began to sway seductively back and forth, Buck understood why his partner had moved. He was probably beating off under the table. Buck was so incredibly horny, he could barely even breathe...

Fiction & Literature
January 9
Boruma Publishing

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