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Princess Diana was known for her various contributions and charity work related to HIV / AIDS, leprosy disease and many others. In fact, she was the "Queen of People's Hearts," as she often visited, listened and talked to people with serious diseases and conditions in life (like homeless, AIDS patients, battered women, drug addicts and others). In fact, the moment she started helping people afflicted with HIV/AIDS, it went from being a taboo and uncomfortable stigma to being a noble and worthy cause to follow. Diana founded many organizations to help those people in the society.

Princess Diana's life was filled with drama, scandals and affairs causing her to escape frequently from reality and sometimes to get attention with suicidal attempts in order to get the help she needed. In order to cope with depression, she developed bulimia (eating disorder) in order to escape uncomfortable moments and situations. You'll learn in this book why that happened in the first place.

Despite her royalty status in life, she was struggling to manage her role in the Buckingham Palace. She was pretty much in-prisoned to royal traditions and often felt uncomfortable. Diana always wanted to live a "normal life" outside the royal norms. She wanted to live an independent life without having someone trying to control her all the time. In this biography you'll learn in detail her relationship with Prince Charles, affairs, "inside the curtain" behind the whole royal family, and more. You'll also discover Diana's other extramarital affairs while she was married.

Princess Diana was more than just an icon in life, she was also a legend in death. If you want to learn more about her life, death, and legacy, this short biography is for you.

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June 10
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