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Charles Bronson is Britain’s most notorious prisoner, a ‘Category A’ inmate who has spent over 30 years inside as a result of his violent and unpredictable behaviour. No one knows the system better than Charlie. Now, for the very first time, you can find out what it is really like inside a maximum security institution as Charlie blows the lid on his life in HM Wakefield. Written in diary form by Charlie himself from behind locked doors, this unique book uncovers the real Charlie; his thoughts, frustrations and true feelings about the people who inhabit ‘the concrete coffin’ with him. This raw, unedited text, in his own hand, comes straight from the heart and also reveals another side to the man who has spent much of his time in solitary confinement in inhuman conditions. From writing poetry and creating works of art, to keeping fit and his secret passion for the X Factor and Coronation Street, there is much more to the man dubbed ‘Britain’s most violent prisoner’ than his reputation suggests. Charlie says that he never plans his actions and only reacts violently when provoked and he has received more than his fair share of provocation over the years. This hard hitting book tells you how it is by the man who knows. Following on from his earlier works Loonyology and Respect and Reputation, and Bronson the film about his life, Prison Diaries continues the unbelievable Charles Bronson story. As Charlie says, ‘After reading this book you will know what its like to be me’.

February 9
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Customer Reviews

Markako45 ,


This book is the best from Charles once you start to read can not put it down I got on my iPad

Lets hope the new book is about Charles walking out of the gates and finding his life in outside word can wait for that book

Blacky15 ,

Charles bronson prison diaries

Do not buy if you have an iPhone or brilliant sight! Pages to small and cannot be zoomed into. Okay if you have iPad.

chantelle bartley ,

charles bronson prison diaries

downloaded for my iphone but i cannot read it. you cannot maximise the pages. waste of money

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