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This is the latest book by this author combining all the wealth of experience of over 50 years in the KBB industry.  This has included various retail ventures, wholesale distribution, and training, extensive training  responsiblities. This  include virtually all the major kitchen, bathroom and bedroom manufacturers and suppliers past and present from MFI to B & Q, through Sharps, Hammons and large independent retailers such as Tile City and Tiles r Us.

As part of the largest indepenent training specialists in the KBB industry Brian, as CEO of the Association of KBB Professionals researched and compiled all of the industry guidelines as laid down by various authorities including British Standards.  These guidelines have been incorported in all the industry in house and independent training bodies such as B & Q, Wickes Magnet, Plumb Center etc.

As one of the original and largest  Internet  selling specialists Brian has a wealth of experience in providing  and recommending, a huge range of kBB products to the self build and other property developers.  He also has a huge experience in supply products for the vigorous and lucrative Irish property market which flourished in the early 21st century selling and delivering goods from Cork to Donegal.  Always in the forefront of new trends in the market place his company was at the forefront of Spa bath sales and developments and was an innovator in various technical improvements in these products culminating in the realization that spa baths can be both a major hazzard as well as a possible benefit but only if used and maintained  wisely.  He was probably the first to discontinue use of the disastrous small bore whirlpool systems and instrumental in developing vital cleaning products.

Having viewed 100’s of auction properties being developed it became clear that the market is and was extremely naive about the needs and aspirations of home seekers and very clear that the developers and auctioneers needed to hone their skills extensively.

Professional & Technical
2 December

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