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A 2nd Chance at Love

By: S. D Wells

Katelyn Myers is widowed when her husband is killed in the line of duty. She is left with two small children to raise and a secret that she must keep to protect her family. She is lost without her husband and completely heartbroken. Years later a friend leads her to a site designed to help widowed parents.

Kevin Summersby is widowed when a drunk driver kills his wife. He is left with two small children to raise but is so heartbroken he turns to alcohol for comfort. Years later his sister leads him to a site designed to help widowed parents.

They connect on the anniversary of her husband's death on the site and become close friends. When they finally meet sparks fly and it is love at first sight.

When her past comes back to haunt her she must choose between love or running for her life. Can she trust him with her secret? Will they find happiness again? Will they have a 2nd Chance at Love?

The Painted Cowboy

What would you do if you came face to face with your deceased spouse or at least the look alike?

Anna Summersby is a twenty-nine- year-old inspiring Chef. Her dream is to own her own bakery. She decides to move to Texas where her cousins all grew up on the family ranch. Next to the family owned diner is a vacant building where all her dreams can come true. All but finding a man to truly love her.

Luke Foster is forty-one years old and working on the famous Summersby Ranch. He grew up in Oklahoma and move to Texas to escapade his past. He lost part of his memory in an accident that killed his wife and he is determined to leave it where it is buried, in a grave in Oklahoma. That is until the day an Angel or a ghost walks into his life.

When Anna first meets Luke he treats her like a child and they start off arguing. To her, he is nothing but an obnoxious, sexy cowboy. To him, she is a reminder of things he wants to forget. Neither wants to admit there is an undeniable attraction between them.

That is until they begin working together on remolding her bakery and discover that there is more to their relationship than either had realized. Their age difference plus his past makes things uncomfortable for him. Luke must decide if his future with Anna is more important than keeping the demons of his past dead and buried or if he should face them once and for all.

X plus Y Equals Love

Cole Summersby is a 32 year old math genius and gave up a great job and a girl to take care of his dying mother. He dream is to someday open a financial firm near his cousin in Texas. In her Will his mother offers to invest in his business but had conditions that he must meet. The problem is Cole is not sure how he will ever meet said before the deadline.

Jessica Jenkins is a 30 year old Algebra Teacher who is running from a past she's sure will haunt her until her dying day.

Her landlord suddenly sells her place and her friend Katelyn offer to let her stay with them until she can afford to move.

At a family BBQ Katelyn introduces Cole and Jessica and the sparks fly. Jessica tries to keep her heart guarded just in case she has to run again, while Cole begins to want more. On a cruise he discovers secrets from her past that could prevent him from making her his. Can he convince her to trust him with her heart? This relationship is a math equations waiting to be solved.

Tyler Summersby has a secret and his marriage is in state of disarray. His wife is pregnant and he wants out but Holly will do everything she can to save her marriage, even if that means taking on her husband's demons all alone.

December 10
Sandra Wells

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