Protocol-Oriented Programming with Swift

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Publisher Description

Build fast and powerful applications by exploiting the power of protocol-oriented programming in Swift

About This Book

• The only book that shows how to harness the power of Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift to build real-world applications,
• Get familiar with the protocol focused approach of application development,
• Increase the overall productivity and performance of applications with Protocol Oriented Programming.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for Swift developers who want to learn and implement protocol oriented programming in their real world applications.

What You Will Learn

• The difference between Object-Oriented programming and Protocol-Oriented programming
• The difference between reference and value types and when to use each
• How we can leverage tuples to reduce the complexity of our code
• What are protocols and how to use them
• How to implement protocol extensions to create a very flexible code base
• How to implement several design patterns in a Protocol-Oriented approach
• How to solve real world design issue with protocol oriented programming

In Detail

At the heart of Swift's design is an incredibly powerful idea: protocol-oriented programming. Its many benefits include better code maintainability, increased developer productivity and superior application performance. The book will teach the reader how to apply the ideas behind the protocol oriented programing paradigm to improve the code they write.
This book will introduce the readers to the world of protocol-oriented programming in Swift and will demonstrate the ideas behind this new programming paradigm with real world examples. In addition to learning the concepts of Protocol Oriented programming, it also shows the reader how to reduce the complexity of their codebase using protocol extensions. Beginning with how to create simple protocols, readers will learn how to extend protocols and also to assign behaviors to them.
By the end of this book readers will be able to harness the power of protocol-oriented programming to build real world applications.

Style and approach

In its latest release of Swift, Apple has introduced Protocol Extensions as a new feature at the heart of Swifts design making Swift 2 a protocol-oriented language. Protocol oriented programming being a less explored OOP paradigm, there is little guidance on hot to take advantage of protocol extensions in real-world applications. In addition to offering an in-depth coverage of protocol oriented programming and its concepts, this book also explains how a developer can leverage these features to build powerful, real-world applications

Computing & Internet
23 February
Packt Publishing

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