Provence Mysterious, Vol. 1

A Golden Age

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This up-dated version, the first book of the trilogy,  with 264 photographs, focuses on the ‘sense of wonder’ that ancient ruins, stories, and events can inspire.  What did the Greeks and Romans leave behind? Fragments of human events, beliefs and cut stone, all of which offer a glimpse of ancient Pagan ‘life’ from late antiquity, including a brief appearance of Democracy. Gods or Goddesses for every human emotion. Read the words of a Roman Centurion, chiselled in the still-standing stone altar, thanking the assembled gods, for his life, and, “In gratitude for the safe return of the soldiers”. Discover people and places, legends and stories behind new photographs. Can they hurl thunder, throw lightning flashes on today? More than simple marvelling; a little shivering, in the midday sun.  

This edition has a new ‘Book Ending’ which begins to look through to the ‘Dark Ages’, the accumulating Heresies, sorcery and toward the future epoch of L’amour Courtois. A way of loving with courtesy, respect and honesty,  ...  some would say the birth of European civilisation. 


A very interactive book for people who want to explore, perhaps plan an adventure, or have an in-depth armchair experience in Provence. To check it out, see where these events happened. The abandoned Roman Empire of fallen temples, Gods brought from the old Mediterranean, Pagan religions of awe, honour and affection, still at rest. The landing in the salt lagoons of the Camargue, of the first refugee Saintes from the Holy Land, led by Mary Magdalene … Perhaps the first introduction of Christianity in Europe … and the first Heresy, from the far east of the Mediterranean, on the very nature of God.


For many years Andrew Squires has explored, researched and photographed the many places where ‘history was being made’. These three volumes bring together a rich selection of sources and photographs which illustrate Provence, seen here, as it may once have been, abandoned.  A traveling companion to navigate ‘on-the-road,' or off, explore your own Provence, on the ground.  Locations, ruins and legends for the most part still secret.

Travel & Adventure
1 December
Andrew Squires

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