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In this erotic short, a handsome professor must discipline his horniest admirer. Aubrey Whitmore is a very bright girl with a calculating mind and a killer set of legs, and she loves to use those legs to tease Professor Hancock. It doesn't matter that her fiance is the professor's protegé, because Aubrey knows there's only one man who can give her the discipline she craves. When Hancock decides he's had enough of her teasing, he tells Aubrey to see him in his office. This hot coed knows it's time to finally take her punishment!


"You lowered my GPA last year," she said. "I should have had an A-."

"Work harder," he said.

"I work harder than anyone. I work harder than Dillon."

"Yes," he said. His eyes stayed on her eyes. They did not move down to watch the effect her breath was having on her chest. She was breathing faster now, her skin flushed. "Put your things on that cabinet," he said. He pointed to the filing cabinet beside the door.

She looked at it as if it were a stranger just come into the room. She chanced a look at him, just briefly, and softly slid her books and portfolio on the cabinet top. She set her purse on top of it.

He stood up, and nodded at his desk. "Put your hands on it."

She licked her dry lips. She approached the desk, her skirt swaying, and leaned down, and slid her palms over the wood. Her fingers sifted into the papers.

Professor Hancock locked the door.

Fiction & Literature
24 May
Veronica Sloan

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