(R)evolution (R)evolution


The Autobiography

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A Daily Mail 'best TV and showbiz memoir' for 2020

From humble beginnings in Middlesex, where money was scarce but dreams were encouraged, to the award-winning godfather of electronica, Gary Numan has seen it all. His incredible story can be charted in two distinct parts . . .

The first: a stratospheric rise to success quickly followed by a painful decline into near obscurity. At school, Gary fell through the cracks of the system and was expelled. An unlikely but determined popstar, he earned his first record deal aged nineteen and, two years later, had released four bestselling albums and had twice toured the world. But, aged just twenty-five, it felt like it was all over. Gary's early success began to hold him back and he battled to reconcile the transient nature of fame with his Asperger's syndrome.

The second: a twenty-plus year renaissance catalysed by a date with a super-fan. Gary catalogues his fifteen-year struggle with crippling debts, his slow, obstacle-laden journey back to the top (and the insecurity that comes with that) and why Savage reaching #2 in 2017 meant more than the heady heights of 1979. Gary also candidly discusses the importance of his fans; why having Asperger's is a gift at times; the inspiration behind the lyrics; flying around the world in 1981; IVF struggles and the joy of fatherhood and his battle with depression and anxiety.

(R)evolution is the rollercoaster rise and fall (and rise) of one man, several dozen synthesisers, multiple issues and two desperately different lives. By turns hilarious and deeply moving, this is Gary Numan in his own words - a brutally honest reflection on the man behind the music.

22 October
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

wellyf1 ,


I’ve been a numan fan since 79 when a friend of mine bought me a ticket to see Gary numan I had never heard of him at the time thought he was an American for some reason. I was blown away it was called the Telekon tour I was sat there gazing at this amazing show an electrician at work gobsmacked I’ve been a fan ever since big fan I first spoke to Gary at Nottingham in the car park after a gig loved our chat never forget it so the book was a brilliant insight into Gary’s life Gemma and the kids awesome read thank you x

MisterC1971 ,

Machine rock pioneer

Whilst always enjoyable to read about Numan’s rise to fame, I’m sure many fans have done so previously (an in-depth look at that period is Ray Coleman’s autobiography, if you can find a copy). So, great here to read Gary’s own words on that period, but for me the gold is reading his sheer determination to regain the lost ground following retiring from live performances in ‘81. The crescendo from that point to Savage is quite a journey, a tough read at times, but ultimately a testament to Gary’s talent, drive, focus and determination, and the supportive people around him, not least his close knit family.

On a wider note, even for non-fans it is an inspirational read of hard work and success, peppered with very human highs and lows, tragedy and obstacle, love and humour.

Highly recommended.

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