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Born and raised in Essex, Maajid Nawaz was recruited into politicised Islam as a teenager. Abandoning his love of hip hop music, graffiti and girls, he was recruited into Hizb ut-Tahrir (the Liberation Party) where he played a leading and international role in the shaping and dissemination of an aggressive anti-West narrative. While studying for his Arabic and law degree, he travelled around the UK and to Denmark and Pakistan, setting up new cells.

Arriving in Egypt the day before 9/11 his views soon led to his arrest, imprisonment and mental torture, before being thrown into solitary confinement in a Cairo jail reserved for political prisoners. There, while mixing with everyone from the assassins of Egypt's president to Liberal reformists, he underwent an intellectual transformation and on his release after four years, he publically renounced the Islamist ideology that had defined his life. This move would cost him his marriage, his family and his friends as well as his own personal security.

Six years after his release, Maajid now works all over the world to counter Islamism and to promote democratic ideals through his organisation, The Quilliam Foundation, which he co-founded with former Islamist and bestselling author Ed Husain.

Following in the wake of the extraordinary democratic change in the Arab world, that few would have foretold, Radical is Maajid's intensely personal account of life inside and out of Islamic extremism. It also highlights one man's quest to inspire change and challenge extremism in all its forms.

This is a hard-hitting memoir of one man's journey into and out of Islamic extremism.

July 5
Ebury Publishing

Customer Reviews

Cg71177 ,

Amazing insights about a bright, brave and honest guy

I have recently felt strongly drawn towards better understanding cultures and the threats we all face in this ever changing, maddening world or ours.

After following Maajid's incredible story and what is now being achieved because of him I have hope, and passion to make a difference.

Amazing, thought provoking book.

Clarrky :) ,

'Radical' by Maajid Nawaz.

Just finished 'Radical' by Maajid Nawaz. Want to understand the minds of Islamists and Jihadists? Want to know the difference between them?! What can start them on that route? And what can, not only bring them away from it, but push true, Liberal, Democratic ideologies instead? Then *read this book* Brilliant!

AmandaMcKenzie ,


This book is truly brilliant.. It had me gripped from chapter one. Maajid Nawaz is an inspiration and I hope the Quilliam project he has set up is hugely successful. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone! Well done Maajid.

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