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'The Nubian Physician' is the tale of an adventurous young woman who moved to the Egyptian capital-city to seek her fame and fortune during one of history's most exciting and turbulent periods.  Alone in a strange place, she must overcome her fears and self-doubts to succeed but inadvertently gains renown with her amazing archery skills. 

It's the late-Bronze Age (1,250 BC) when art, music, mathematics and international trade flourished.  Writing was wide-spread and the first cities were already a thousand years old.  Egypt was ruled by Ramses III, last of the great-pharaohs, who controlled a vast empire that stretched from Nubia to Canaan in the far north. 

Prolonged draughts scorched farmlands and dried out lakes and rivers across the eastern Mediterranean and civilization teetered on the edge of famine from poor crops.  Then disaster struck when a series of earthquakes followed by tidal waves levelled cities throughout the region. 

Unable to feed the people or cope with the relentless onslaught of invaders, most kingdoms and empires collapsed in a few brief decades of war, famine and anarchy.  Scribes were not needed because people could no longer read or write as the known-world descended into a Dark Age. 

Cities were abandoned and townsfolk, landless farmers and unemployed soldiers roamed the countryside in search of food and loot. Still reeling from nature's fury, the struggling survivors were attacked by ferocious raiders known as the 'Sea People.'  Egypt stood alone against the onslaught but would the ancient kingdom survive?  

This fast-paced story follows the life of a young Nubian woman named Khefra who goes on exciting voyages of espionage and sabotage, fighting pirates on both land and high-seas.  In recognition of her bravery and many outstanding achievements, the pharaoh appoints her a physician of the royal court where conspiracy and intrigue fills the air like thick clouds of incense.  Then to the shock of a nation, a secret conspiracy driven by blind ambition spins out of control and ends in a royal murder that changed history.

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April 22
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