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It's just a little later than now and Lola Hart is writing her life in a diary. She's a nice middle-class girl on the verge of her teens who schools at the calm end of town.

A normal, happy, girl.

But in a disintegrating New York she is a dying breed. War is breaking out on Long Island, the army boys are flamethrowing the streets, five Presidents have been assassinated in a year. No one notices any more. Soon Lola and her family must move over to the Lower East side - Loisaida - to the Pit and the new language of violence of the streets.

The metamorphosis of the nice Lola Hart into the new model Lola has begun ...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 10

Customer Reviews

ConduciveMammal ,

Fantastic read!

When I bought this book, I admittedly expected something far different. I began reading only to find it laid out in the format of a young girl's journal. By this point; I was ten or more pages in and was becoming more and more intrigued by what this young girl - Lola Hart - had to say about the new world around her. I travelled with Lola through several years of her life, through dramatic changes of sweet princess Lola to Street Lola, through her struggles and through her emotions. By the last page I was left hankering for more, much more. I wanted to know even more of her life, to know how much farther she was willing to go to save her family and her life.
I beg of a sequel to this classic, or even a movie adaptation.
Fantastic read which provides a remarkably accurate insight into what could very well become New America.

Could not recommend this enough.

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