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You are interested in learning more about the next computing generation especially about the Internet of Things? You want something which can easily, almost efficiently connect you to the Internet of Things? You already own a Raspberry Pi 3 or you are about to purchase it? If these questions relate to you in any way, this book will be your best companion.

Considering the latest technological advancements especially when it comes to the Internet of Things, there is no wonder why you are interested in boosting your knowledge and expanding your skills with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B For Beginners. This extremely powerful single-board computer packed with Bluetooth connectivity and wireless LAN can perform various kinds of magic within seconds. The model also delivers a great boost to your Wi-Fi connectivity as well as your Pi's overall speed.

This model is a fantastically adept, very tiny computer which performs significantly better than its traditional cousins. Since the model is very small in size, it is ideal for carrying around when you travel and it is also compatible with the Internet of Things. In other words, its future looks brighter than ever. In fact, the popularity of this tiny single-board computer grows daily. Thanks to the book, you get to explore everything you are interested in knowing about your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

Inside You Will Discover
How to install operating systemWhat is the difference between the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and the traditional computerHow to prepare your Raspberry Pi 3 Model BExplore what can Raspberry Pi 3 Model B doInternet of Things, voice control and image recognition with Pi3 Model BLearn the most useful Raspbian commandsExplore Python Basic with Raspberry Pi 3Different Raspberry Pi 3 Model B projects to exploreAnd much much more...
Get this book NOW, learn how to get the most out of your Raspberry Pi3 Model B and take advantage of everything which modern technological advancements offer!

Computing & Internet
October 22
Jeffrey S. Waller

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