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I need him to take me, even if he breaks me. 

There’s no fighting that raw need, that pure desire. 

But I fell for him, and when he left, it broke me. 

He’s back now, ten long years later. 

And he won’t rest until I’m his again. 


I knew from the start that he was a bad idea. 

There was a little voice inside my head, echoing everything that my parents and my students and my friends and everyone I’d ever known was telling me. 

He’ll hurt you. 

He’ll break your heart. 

He’ll leave you broken and alone. 

But there was another voice, too. 

Deeper and rougher and far more persuasive. 

It was Alejandro’s husky rasp, whispering in my ear… 

“You’re mine now.” 

And he only had to look in my eyes to see that that’s everything I ever wanted. 

He broke me out of my good girl shell and showed me what the world looked like. 

What it REALLY looked like. 

On the back of his bike, with the wind in my hair and his leather jacket hot from the sun in front of me… 

I was free. Really and truly free. 

And then it happened – everything they promised would happen. 

He hurt me. 

He broke me. 

And he left me all alone. 


I’ve dreamed of her every night for ten years. 

None of the endless club girls I’ve had since I left home have compared to the one kiss we shared. 

But I had to leave. 

I had to become a man. 

I’ve done that and then some. 

I’m become a man that no one on earth would dare f**k with. 

My scars, my tattoos, the outlaw motorcycle club patch on my leather kutte all tell the same story: 

I’ve killed before and I’ll do it again if I must. 

And death is the reason I’m back in my hometown. 

There’s a war simmering on the horizon, one that will threaten to tear everything apart and slaughter everyone I once loved in the crossfire. 

Including her. 


The girl I left behind. 

I came back for her most of all. 

But she has a life now – a home, a job, a fiancé. 

I don’t give a damn. 

She’s been mine from the moment I first kissed her. 

And I’ll fight this war all by my godd*mn self if it means getting her back in my arms. 

I want her. 

I need her. 

And I’m not gonna stop until I have her again.

This is the first book in the Raw Need Series by Kathryn Thomas.

December 18
Wild Hearts Romance

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