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The Real.Clear. seven-book series offers a fresh approach to timeless spiritual teachings from the Pathwork Guide, with easy-to-read language and helpful organization. It's the Guide’s wisdom in Jill Loree's words. This 3-book compilation combines Holy Moly + Finding Gold + Bible Me This.

HOLY MOLY: The Story of Duality, Darkness and a Daring Rescue
There’s one story, as ancient and ageless as anything one can imagine, that lays a foundation on which all other truths stand. It exposes the origin of opposites. It illuminates the reality of darkness in our midst. It speaks of herculean efforts made on our behalf. This is that story.

FINDING GOLD: The Search for Our Own Precious Self
The journey to finding the whole amazing nugget of the true self is a lot like prospecting for gold. Both combine the lure of potential and the excitement of seeing a sparkling possibility, with needing to have the patience of a saint. It helps to have a map of our inner landscape and a headlamp for seeing into dark corners. That’s what Jill Loree has created in this collection of spiritual teachings called Finding Gold.

BIBLE ME THIS: Releasing the Riddles of Holy Scripture
The Bible is a stumper for many of us, not unlike the Riddler teasing Batman with his ‘riddle me this’ taunts. But what if we could know what some of those obscure passages mean? What’s the truth hidden in the myth of Adam & Eve? And what was up with that Tower of Babel? Bible Me This is a collection of in-depth answers to a variety of questions asked of the Guide about the Bible.

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February 4
Jill Loree

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