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REALITY DENIED confronts conventional wisdom with events that, although quite real, seem to challenge the revered “laws of science,” proving them to be wrong or incomplete. The thorny issues of life after death, mind over matter, UFOs, remote viewing, telepathic communications with animals, and more are all addressed from Col. John Alexander’s firsthand perspective. Here physical and spiritual domains collide, providing glimpses of worlds beyond everyday reality.

“Highly recommended!” — Dr. Eben Alexander, author of “Proof of Heaven”

“When Alexander speaks, I listen.”  — Dr. Richard Bandler, co-developer of NLP

“Extraordinarily courageous book…” — Dr. Larry Dossey, author of “One Mind”

“Explicitly challenges traditional scientists…” — George Noory, Coast to Coast AM

“An insider’s take on enigmas…” — Dr. Raymond Moody, author of “Life after Life”

“A masterful storyteller…” — Annie Jacobsen, Pulitzer Prize finalist, “Area 51”

“The universe confronted, if not transformed...” Stanley Krippner, Saybrook University

“Prepare to have your world rocked!” William Bengston, Society for Scientific Exploration

JOHN B. ALEXANDER, Ph.D., is a retired senior Army officer with decades of experience with a wide range of phenomena. Traveling to all eight continents, he has encountered events that defy common explanation. He has met with shamans in the Amazon, the Himalayas, the Andes, East and West Africa, and Northern Mongolia. In Tonga, he dived in open ocean with humpback whales, and was involved with telepathic experiments with wild dolphins in the Bahamas. A psychic adventurer, he practiced psychokinetic metal bending, fire walking, and caused a white crow to fly for the National Academy of Sciences. A founding board member of IRVA, he is a past-president of IANDS, and former SSE councilor. Straddling two worlds, he is also retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory, and served on studies with the National Research Council, the Army Science Board, the Council on Foreign Relations, NATO, and was a senior fellow of a DoD university. Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross headed his doctoral committee. His website is at johnbalexander.com.

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