Reasons for Recovery

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Publisher Description

A suicidal teen who suffers from cutting feels as though her life is being controlled by those who are not relevant to her life anymore. She goes through a love triangle, deaths, and saving a life to finally realize her purpose.

Young Adult
6 May
Blair Burden

Customer Reviews

Alexij9 ,

A m a z i n g ! ! ūüĆü ūüĆü ūüĆü ūüĆü ūüĆü

This book is amazing, I could not put it down. It is now my favourite book, which is saying something as i get through about 7 books a week- seriously!
Its really intense and you can totally connect with Cassie. As you read you realise that, although you may not have such a bad life you have attempted suicide 50 times, and your best friend is a box of knives, razors and blades to cut yourself with, this book reflects many of those things that happen in our lives.
Basically, I would recommend this book for anyone who likes a gripping, heartwarming novel, and especially also for those who do live troubled and unstable lives. Also for people with STD's, attention disorders and those on drugs or wanting to commit suicide.
This book really teaches you to value your life and be grateful for what you have. Life is not to be taken for granted, and no matter how hopeless you think your life is, no matter how depressed you are, there is always, and will always be help.
A truly excellent read, Blair Burden is an amazingly talented writer. I would also recommend Burden's other ebook- Simon Death High. It is kind of a follow on book, but you don't have to have read this one first, in fact I read Simon Death High first, and then Reasons For Recovery. Amazed that these two books are free, but jolly glad they are.
Only slight criticism- I think Reasons To Live would be a better title. Also there were a few grammar mistakes throughout.
However, AWESOME!!!!!

Priya1001x ,


I loved this book so much, when i saw it i just brought it because it was free but once i started reading it i couldn't put my ipod down! This book is brilliant and whenever i said i would stop reading at a certain chapter i couldn't because i wanted to know what happened next, I read till 12:30 some school nights cause i loved it so much! Definately recommened but only read it if you are about 13+ because some bits can be quite creepy!
Priya (aged 13)

Nipa Uddin ,

Reasons for recovery

This story was intense and complicated in many ways. I felt pain all the way through knowing exactly what Cassie was going though, I felt great empathy. The story line was brilliant, it was all about a girl who was going through so many different emotions and hurdles in life trying to figure out her purpose and trying to find a reason to live.

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