Rebound Love: Samantha's Love & Romance Series Rebound Love: Samantha's Love & Romance Series
Book 2 - Samantha's Love and Romance

Rebound Love: Samantha's Love & Romance Series

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Publisher Description

REBOUND LOVE is Book 2 in the new Samantha’s Love & Romance Series, by Denise Daniella Darcy, or Triple D as she is affectionately called.

Samantha Morgan: Now that shy Samantha has found and lost her first love, where does she go from here? Can she make rebound love work or is she destined to feeling insecure and lonely forever?

Sam Wong: Singer, songwriter, musician. Tall, slim hips, and a knock-down killer smile. Can he give Sam everything she is looking for even though he lives 8,000 miles away?

Can Uncle Tyrone or best friend Isabella provide support, direction, and comfort for a confused and apprehensive Sam?

Book 2 continues with Sam’s journey of love as she experiences earthquakes, danger and mayhem.

“I really liked Denise's ‘First Love’, and now I think I like the second in her Romance Series, “Rebound Love” even more. Talk about a great plot. Sam (the heroine) goes through dangerous times, including physical earthquakes and similar in the personal relationships area.” -- Pamela Sanchez, Tucson, AZ

“I am reading Rebound Love, which is the second story in a new Romance and Love Series written by Denise Daniella Darcy. In the first book in the Series, First Love, the heroine Samantha has a lot of problems, but manages through her ingenuity—and a lotta luck—to get through them. In Rebound Love, she faces even bigger problems, including earthquakes and problems with her new boyfriend… The quality of the writing in both these novels is very good. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Catherine Bybee, one of my favorites. It is written at an adult level, but clearly enough that even young or new adults can really get into it. And Denise's characters are very real, and I found myself rooting for, or booing against, them.” -- Ingrid Tannin, Copenhagen Denmark

“The book Rebound Love by Denise Darcy is the second in her Love and Romance Series. Like the first novel, First Love, it follows the adventures, and mis-adventures, of Samantha Morgan. She has a knack of getting into precarious (and for the reader, interesting) problems, … Whatever the situation, the plot is well written, and whether read by late teens or more mature females, it will get their attention with its attention to details, realistic developments, and lots of very interesting dialog between characters.” -- Elizabeth Dubronsky, Chicago, IL

“Like most of my friends, I enjoy a good Romance novel. It's nice to curl up on an evening with some popcorn and a good book. Something like Rebound Love, a novel in the Romance & Love Series. Written by Denise Darcy, it's the second in the series of 4. It's based on the lead character, one Samantha, also known as Sam, who gets herself into one tight scrape after another. The writing is fresh, engages the reader, and before long you are actually seeing problems through Sam's eyes.” -- Madelaine Crosby-Hutton, Portland, OR

“I have read maybe one-third of the second book in the Series, Rebound Love. The first novel, sorta appropriately named First Love, was a dandy. Action, problems galore, interesting characters, and a believable plot. I'm finding the same smooth writing in the current book.” -- Melody Johnston, Los Angeles, CA

Like multiple endings? ‘Triple D’ has a SPECIAL TREAT for her readers. Each story in this series has 2 additional totally unique and different endings that dramatically change the outcome. And the best part- they are available at no extra charge for her readers.

Triple D writes stimulating contemporary romances with passion, humor and a down to earth feel that resonates with her readers. Written for readers of young adult, new adult, and teen romance. She writes with a similar style to Catherine Bybee, Debbie Macomber and Melody Anne.

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31 October
Durango Publishing Corp.

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