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Gabriel is gone.

Roseline is left with questions that refuse answers and only the memory of a man she vows to hunt and kill, but to do so, she must call a truce with her sworn enemy.

Together, Roseline and Nicolae track Fane to the underbelly of London, in search of Gabriel’s kidnappers, but when Malachi- an Immortal with mystifying origin- presents himself as their guide, Roseline discovers she is not the only one looking for Gabriel.

Buried within the secret chambers of the infamous Hellfire Club, Roseline discovers a grim truth: Gabriel isn’t just a pawn being used by the Arotas prophecy, and those who seek to control its power. He is Arotas.

Everything Roseline has ever known about her brethren is about to change. Emotions flare, friendships sever and the newly formed bonds between enemies are tested as she delves into realms hardly conceived. They are trapped in the midst of a battle that has been waging since the beginning of time.

The prophecy binds them all together. But will they break before the end?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 16
Amy Miles

Customer Reviews

RizD18 ,

The Arota's Trilogy

Could not put this down, finished reading in 2 days! Waiting for the last one to come on iBooks now!!

Nisareen ,

Brilliant sequel to Forbidden

Reckoning is the second installment in the Arotas Trilogy. In the aftermath of the battle in Forbidden, Vladimir has escaped, Lucien and Sorin are dead and a desperate Rose is forced to turn a mortally wounded Gabriel into the thing she hates the most.

Before Gabriel can complete his transformation, they are attacked by a group of monks and despite Rose’s ferocious efforts to save him, Gabriel is kidnapped. Poisoned and weakened as a result of their encounter, Rose is saved when Nicholae’s offers her his blood.

Rose and Nicholae come to an understanding after he voices his desire to end the feud between hunters and immortals once and for all by taking out their true enemy, Vladimir, who has been building an immortal army. She also learns that Gabriel is part of a prophecy and is therefore wanted by many factions.

To keep Sadie and William safe, Rose asks them to return to Chicago and she and Nicholae travel to London’s underbelly in the hopes of finding Fane. They track Fane down at the infamous Torrent, where Rose runs into Davros, one of Vladimir’s right hand men. A bloody fight breaks out in which Rose kills Davros but is severely wounded in the process. Enter Malachi, who congratulates her on her victory and revives her by offering her a drink which turns out to be his blood.

Malachi offers Rose a place to stay and promises to provide some much needed answers. Despite her reservations, she agrees to accompany him as Fane needs time to heal from his injuries. Rose learns that Gabriel isn’t a pawn in the Arotas prophecy - he IS Arotas. Malachi tells her that a war is going on between the Alraes (angels) and Laerah and Gabriel has a crucial role to play. While the Guardians (monks) view Gabriel as a warrior of light, the Elders see him as a Fallen One, a harbinger of death. Only the Prophecy will shed light on who Gabriel truly is. Malachi believes that a copy of the Prophecy is contained in the walls of the caves beneath the Hellfire Club. He agrees to help her to obtain them.

Meanwhile, Gabriel has been undergoing a painful transformation which has left him weakened. The Monks help him and he becomes particularly close to Sias and Enael. When he is well enough, the Monks hand him over to Elias, an Alraes who is to aid him in his training so he can successfully complete three trials before he is ready to embrace his destiny. Gabriel comes to understand that he is a nephlim, the last of his kind. He also learns that Rose was chosen by Vladimir for a reason and it’s no coincidence that he and Rose are bound to each other. Only the Prophecy will reveal the answers.

Who will get to the Prophecy first? What is Malachi and can he be trusted? When Vladimir kidnaps Sadie and William, Rose is forced to return to Brasov to save her friends in an epic showdown. Who will triumph?

I really enjoyed the second installment as it was fast paced. Forbidden was a lot slower in comparison until the last five chapters. A lot of questions were answered in Reckoning, although there is still so much to keep us guessing until the next instalment.

I loved the developing friendship between Rose and Nicholae. Nicholae spent the better part of Forbidden being openly cold and hostile at every opportunity. His character really grows in this book and he proves to be a valuable asset.

Rose was so much more likeable in this installment and proved what a badass she really was in comparison to the victim she was in Forbidden. So much mystery still surrounds her involvement in the prophecy however and that killer twist at the end has left me with an awful sense of foreboding.

I found myself fascinated with Malachi and wished throughout that he was on the level despite my sneaking suspicion to the contrary. I sense he has feelings for Rose though so that may play an important part in the next installment which I’m pleased to say I already have in my possession!

MsValo ,

Proof reader anyone?

Last book was full of errors and this book has one on the first page. It's going to be a long read...

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