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Reloved Guitars ‘5 Steps To Guitar Heaven’ is a step-by-step guide to transforming how your guitars play - whether they’re budget or ‘big brand’ guitars. The 5 step electric and 4 step acoustic guitar set ups have been developed during nearly 300 set ups over the last 2 years.

In simple, myth-busting common sense language and clear close-up pictures (with exclusive real-time reference video) I show you how to create low, fast and accurate playing actions every time. These set ups use an amazingly elegant method of levelling the frets with the guitar in the fully-strung playing position for maximum accuracy and minimum fret metal loss. 

I show you how to make and use your own tool for this superb fret levelling method for less than £10 saving you £140 against the commercially-available alternative. I also show how to cut your nut slots with a £1 jeweller’s file instead of the normal £60 set of nut files. This eBook will save you a fortune on tools and luthier fees.

Most of all this eBook will give you the understanding and the confidence to do great set ups yourself from now onwards.

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December 16
Reloved Guitars

Customer Reviews

ShaunSomerset ,


Great E-book.

A no nonsense approach to guitar setup using practical, available, and best of all, inexpensive tooling.
The method used is straight forward and makes sense (to me at least). I'd recommend using this book alongside the authors YouTube videos for the complete picture.

My guitar now has an action height of about 1.5mm on the low E, last fret and plays great.

Zaxzax ,

A necessary read for any guitar player.

Sam lays out in simple terms how to set up your guitar to play excellently. If you’ve ever taken your guitar to a guitar shop to have it set up and been dissatisfied with the results, this book is for you. If your strings are so high they’re making your fingers hurt to play or so low that there’s a nasty buzzing sound, you should read this book. No arcane mysteries, no hidden secrets, just straight-forward, easy to follow steps to get your guitar playing great.

AtomNetton ,

The perfect guide for guitar home gamers

I’ve been looking for a book like this for quite a while. It makes an excellent companion piece to all the noise and “informed debate” on many YouTube channels and forums online. I’ve just finished my first guitar rebuild with the help of the author’s clever, patient, and well illustrated explanations and techniques. I’ve probably saved a fortune on expensive luthier tools too, when all I needed was a banana!