Remote Learning

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In this month's Coverswap shorty, Brand New Tales from the Kreme that put a whole new spin on a fun original cover of the past, we get to meet Harriet, a thirty year old teacher who always goes above and beyond to take on what others might not. But thanks to a couple of students with high intelligence and possibly low morals, Harriet may be taking on a lot more than she bargained for.

It was a special summer enrichment series of lessons for two of the smartest kids in high school before they entered college. How much trouble could smart kids actually be? Harriet, a sweet dedicated teacher is about to find out.

Clara and Richard had never been problem students, brainy, brilliant at most things, and in love since they'd been dating for a while now. But on the second to last class in the summer enrichment program, Harriet notices the different sense of focus and attention in each of her students' eyes. Clara has always been remarkably confident in herself, absolutely sure of her knowledge of nearly everything under the sun. And the smile that girl has seems almost concerning when Clara happens to mention that it's her boyfriend Richard's birthday.

Just turning nineteen, so close to college they can taste it, there was one thing the lanky shy Richard admitted to Clara that he wanted for his birthday... and Clara has always been determined to give Richard what he wants.

Harriet feels a bit like a mouse, cornered by cats, the severe appraising stares her brainy students are giving her in the classroom that day, but how could she know that what Richard admitted, mostly kidding, that he always wanted was her?

Clara considers herself an evolved thinker, not even angry that her boyfriend would like a hot teacher for his birthday gift. In fact, Clara might just be the best girlfriend ever since she was determined to give Richard exactly what he wanted, and that is why she used her natural high intelligence to put together a remote control that promises to teach Harriet some new lessons of her own in class that day.

Before Harriet can even grasp what the two students are up to, Clara has pressed pause and Harriet is trapped within her own body. As the brilliant but menacing young Clara explains, this is merely a continuation of an experiment she has spent months working on to control the minds of lab rats. The natural next step was a human, and Harriet gets to be that human. She also admits that it technically isn't mind control, but that the mind controls many things like posture or muscle movement, and by controlling those, the remote can in effect control her mind.

Clara has even programmed the volume buttons to directly affect Harriet's arousal levels. The purpose is for Harriet to give herself to Richard, but what lessons will be learned when Harriet tries so hard to resist any actions against her nature as a respectful upstanding educator? What happens when her struggles to resist being turned on as Clara ups the volume on that remote result in a decidedly full-filling side effect?

In lab rats, resistance to the remote occasionally resulted in a combination of fluid retention and blood flow that swelled them up... but in Harriet, the resistance seems to cause quite localized swelling in places that Clara's boyfriend only loves even more than his birthday gift.

But how long can Harriet resist doing what her body more and more wants so badly to do? How much more top heavy can she possibly become before the resolve is gone and she's doing what Richard wants to do with her? And will more than her resolve be broken before their final class the next day?

It's time to teach the teacher a whole new way of life, a twisted lesson in lust that can only be taught by a little... Remote Learning.

Fiction & Literature
27 August
Kris Kreme

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