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Lucy's lost her father and she thinks she knows who's to blame - Dane Edwards owns the casino where he gambled away every penny he had. She's determined to make him take responsibility, but he won't do any such thing. Should she stay to hear him out, or should she run away from the attraction that she feels?Contains a billionaire who gives as good as he gets in arguments and oral sex.This short story is roughly 3,500 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.EXCERPT:“Your greed killed him.” She said quietly. Coming closer to the desk, she leaned on it with both her hands and looked down on him. She could smell the deep, warm scent of his aftershave. How could he smell so good when he was rotten to the core? “We told you what was happening. If you’d closed his account like I asked you to—”He slammed his hands down on the table top, making her jump. “You asked me no such thing.” He got to his feet, breathing heavily. “I could have you arrested for what you’ve done here this evening.” He speared her with a look of pure hatred. “But I realise you’re grieving. You can leave now.”When she didn’t move, he came around the desk. She could tell that he expected her to cringe and run away. The man was a classic bully. “I’m not going anywhere until you admit what you did was wrong.” It wouldn’t bring her father back, but it was something.He took hold of her forearm and marched her to the door, but she pulled away and ran back to the desk. Cursing under his breath, he crossed the room and stood over her. “Do you want me to call security?”“Why? Am I too much for you to handle on your own?”He took hold of her upper arms and scowled down at her. “What happened to your father was his own fault.”She flinched at the intensity in his eyes. “No.” She shook her head.“You need to leave now.”Her breathing quickened as he looked at her. It was those eyes. She couldn’t bear the way that he watched her. It was as if every secret she’d ever kept was etched on her skin and he was reading her with a glance. “No.” Something changed in his expression as they looked into each other’s eyes.A frantic warning went off inside her head, but it was too late. Time stretched out and then stood still as he brought his lips down to hers and took a searing kiss. She fought him at first, struggling in his arms as he pressed his mouth to hers, but she could feel the heat of his body through his shirt and he smelled so good.Having him breathless and wanting was too much temptation to ignore. She gave in to him and opened her mouth to taste his tongue.Hating herself, she let him deepen the kiss, exploring his mouth as he did the same to her. She pressed her body into the warm shelter of him and felt him grow hard against her hip. Every thought went out of her head except for one – Dane Edwards wanted her. And she wanted him.

Fiction & Literature
August 7
Neneh Gordon

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