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This is book 1 of the Satan’s Riders MC series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

I bought her to break her.

She was the prize of the auction.

And now she’s bare in my bed.

But what starts as another night of sating my hunger…

Turns into an adventure that might kill us both.


Being part of an outlaw motorcycle club comes with its perks.

The law of the land is merely a suggestion to be ignored.

And out here, beyond its reach, anything goes.

Anything at all.

That means girls, guns, and drugs flow back and forth from man to man like an endless river.

Just reach in and quench your thirst.

Again, and again, and again.

That’s how Hannah ended up at my mercy.

Just another club rat, purchased to satisfy a man’s desires.

Any other night, with any other girl, I would have used her until I had my fill, then kick her out the door.

But this wasn’t any other night.

And Hannah isn’t any other girl.

There is something different about this one.

And when my enemies try to claw her back from me, she becomes more than just a woman in my possession.

She becomes the spark that starts a wildfire.

Bring on the war, the carnage.

I’ve staked my claim on Hannah.

And if they want to lay their hands on her again…

They’ll have to go through me.


I knew from the beginning that I might not survive this ride.

But I never had a choice.

They called me a club girl, but I know what I really am:

A disposable toy.

They use me when they want, and hurt me when they don’t.

I’m less than human to them.

I’m a receptacle, a rag, a piece of trash.

And Brandon looks just as vicious as the rest of them.

When I’m handed to him, I don’t feel anything.

Years of abuse have washed those emotions away.

So when the door shuts and we’re finally alone, I do what I’ve been taught:

Strip down and get ready to please.

The sooner he’s happy, the sooner my suffering will end.

But the biker surprised me.

He might look like the monsters who’ve spent years hurting me, but underneath, he’s a different man entirely.

Somewhere beneath the leather and the tattoos, there’s a heart.

And maybe, just maybe, he’ll be the one to save me.

That is, if my owners don’t come to steal me back first.


RIDE WITH THE DEVIL is the motorcycle club romance series you’ve been waiting for. This bad boy romance is about an alpha male biker who rescues an innocent girl. Their romance love story will melt your heart and your panties. If you love MC romance, then look no further. Check out this dark romance with sex today. COME TAKE A RIDE WITH THE DEVIL.

October 5
Sopris Page Press

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