Road Dreams - An American Adventure

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This book uses material from Elliott Bristow's Super 8 film diary of his 14 year, 500,000 mile road trip around America between 1968 & 1982. There are 147 pages, 330 images, 33 pages of road stories, plus 11 film clips and 7 short films (50 mins total).

The era recorded in this diary now feels like another world, far removed from  today's always on connections and surveillance. The journey began at a time when gas could be got for 33 cents a gallon, before VHS video tapes even existed, and when contact with home was kept up by occasional hand written letters. It's also a tale connected to some lucky breaks - getting mugged at gunpoint a week after arriving in New York from England being one (unexpected) example. Perhaps the most positive component has to do with Elliott being one of those fortunate people who, given the opportunity to live out their fantasy of freedom, found it lived up to expectations. Road Dreams is a very visual record of one man's love affair with the American road.

Travel & Adventure
31 July
Tortworth Media Ltd

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Road Dreams

This is really a wonderful journey through the back roads and oddities of America. A terrific collection of narrative, evocative images, music and film that takes you across both urban and rural landscapes. Highly recommended.

allesley ,

Road Dreams an American Adventure

I greatly enjoyed reading 'Road Dreams an American Adventure' for iPad. The photographs, video, and music clips really make it come alive. The photographs brought back many happy memories of times past never to be forgotten, It is a remarkable record. My son first told me about 'Road Dreams' after watching a TV programme several years ago. He sat with his two teenage children watching the iPad version last week - they are enthused too! I shall enjoy returning to this media book again and again.