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At last, a refreshing guide to Rome brought to you by the chalk and cheese of travel writing, Robert Shepherd and Geoff Motley.  Written from the heart and fuelled by local food, wine and a mischievous sense of humour, this book is by two guys who are generations apart and come at Rome from different directions.  It does not lead you by the hand, but it certainly whets your appetite, encouraging you to be adventurous and find your own way with a hint or two from the guys.  Absorb what they know, through their banter, style and wit.  This is a travel guide with different views, humour, cartoons and useful facts all about Rome: that is why you should bother. 

Travel & Adventure
24 October
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Customer Reviews

thequeenofDunstable! ,

Travelling with mates

Reading this book makes you feel like you are travelling with your mates. It's really interesting yet fun at the same time. I now just need to book my tickets!

Peter, London ,

Rome: Why Bother?

This was my third visit to Rome and having been to a few of the famous sites before I was looking to get a little more under the skin of this historic city. 'Rome: Why Bother', proved a great companion to travel with. Differing views of places visited by both authors offered unique insight and opened doors to parts of the city I would have missed without the guide. Highly recommend!

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