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The staff of Rooster Teeth Productions star in a massive collection of nerd comics.  Office antics, video game settings and more nerd stuff.

Comics & Graphic Novels
October 18
Rooster Teeth Productions LLC

Customer Reviews

Matty_w ,

This is totally awesome

An awesome book, Luke is a really talented artist :) the image is small on the IPhone but it can be zoomed so alls good...

Matty faux ,

Matty f

Huge 100% fan love there humour love there pod casts and videos top notch stuff recommend everyone to buy it

Tinúviël ,

Technical problems

The comics are okay. Not amazing, but quite suitable for a chuckle on the bus. Sadly, half the time it is next to impossible to read them as the publishers seem to have forgotten that iBooks is available both on the iPad and the iPhone but NOT on the MacBook. I am sure that the book reads beautifully on an iPad, but on the iPhone it is practically unreadable due to the fond size. Increasing the fond size does nothing. Tilting the iPhone makes matters worse as the book tries to display the same page now on half the screen. I greatly enjoy reading books in my iPhone and the small screen never bothered me up to now, but this book gave me a raging headache after half an hour of flinching at the text and guessing what the barely distinguishable black polygons might mean. To make matters worse the "sample" of this book consists out if exactly one page with a full sized picture, thus not giving any indication of the flinching that will ensue after having handed over your money. £7 for a headache is a bit steep in my mind.

TL;DR: If you have an iPhone don't buy this unless you enjoy flinching and headaches.

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