Running Hot: MMF Menage Romance

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    • £2.99

Publisher Description

Two motorcycle-riding bad boys will get her engine running hot...

Ella Simmons can turn a motorcycle into a beautiful example of steel, chrome, and power. She's gained a stellar reputation for her custom paint jobs, even in small-town Wisconsin. But her love life isn't anywhere as great. It's been colder than the snow on the ground ever since Jagger Ward, leader of the Blue Devils, suddenly ended things between them. Sure he broke her heart, but she isn't going to show it—especially not to him. But when Jagger helps out a sexy stranger after the man's bike is wrecked, Ella's love life starts heating up fast. She only hopes that this time, her heart won't be left as roadkill.

Max Cunningham's luck is in the trash bin. He's headed for Nashville to start over after a betrayal by his former motorcycle club. His cross-country trip takes an abrupt detour when an oncoming truck runs his motorcycle off the road. He's not hurt, but his ride is seriously banged up—and it's the last thing of value he owns. Things are bleak, but another rider stops to help him out. Jagger is clearly a tough character, but the two of them share an immediate, electrifying connection—making it difficult for the bisexual Max to keep his attraction under control. Things really get challenging when he meets Jagger's friend, Ella, and he knows he's in trouble. Ella is beautiful, talented, and smart with a touch of sass. His heart is already lost to her...only Ella has history with Jagger, and Max doesn't know how long he can hide his desire for them both...

You have to be tough to lead a group of hard-riding bikers, but Jagger's tough, tattooed exterior hides someone far more complex. He ended his stormy relationship with Ella because he knew he was hiding a key part of himself from her. He loves her, but he's also attracted to men, a secret that led him to believe she deserved someone better. Or at least someone honest. When Max crashes into his life, all those powerful feelings are stirred up again. Jagger soon finds himself falling for them both as he uses Max to win back Ella’s heart. But this time, passion might cost him everything. So can a biker get a second chance at something even better—Ella and Max? Or will deception and pride wreck his last chance at what he needs most?

Reader note: contains MMF menage and hot romance elements, bad boy bikers, and male/male love

18 December
Etopia Press

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