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Excerpt:Drew admired the erotic form of the werewolf's dick. It was at least fourteen inches long, and thicker than his arm. The shaft was smooth and pink, the head bulging out at the end of the rod, thicker again than the rest of the cock, and at the very tip, a bead of precum had already formed, shining in the moonlight, inviting Drew to taste it, but he knew that he was to use his hands for now, not his mouth, despite the fact that it was watering with desire to taste the salty pearl before him.Reaching out with trembling hands, Drew gripped Apollo's hard cock tentatively, slowly stroking it up and down, quickly losing himself in his own horniness, speeding up until his hands jerked as hard and fast as he could move them. Apollo groaned and grunted, “Yes...oh yeah...faster, stroke faster, oh fuck,” the response he was getting turning Drew on, his own dick straining hard against his jeans, a wet patch forming as his precum began to leak out.The hard rod in Drew's hands twitched and pulsed, the veins swelling in front of his fixed gaze as he listened intently to Apollo's breathing become deeper and harder, knowing that the wolf's orgasm was approaching he started to speak, “Give me your cum, cover my face in your hot wolf juice, I need it, I want to taste it, squirt it all over me, cum on me master, please cum on your servant.”

Fiction & Literature
June 9
Jenni Ambrose

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